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Genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе

Basically the size is of molecular level, or if one goes in more detail, it deals with the size of nano order. Nano means the size is 10 to the power — 9 of a unit. An atom has a diameter of about 0. Experts sometimes disagree about what constitutes the nanoscale, but in general, you can think of nanotechnology dealing with anything measuring between 1 and 100 nm. Larger than that is the microscale, and smaller than that is the atomic scale.

Nanotechnology is so new, no one is really sure what will come of it. Nanotechnology is rapidly becoming an interdisciplinary field. Biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers are all involved in the study of substances at the nanoscale. At the atomic scale, elements are at their most basic level. On the nanoscale, we can potentially put these atoms together to make almost anything.

Predictions genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе from the ability to reproduce things like diamonds and food to the world being destroyed by seif-replicating nanorohots. Right now, it means that scientists are experimenting mth substances at the nanoscale to leam abtiut their properties and how we might be able to take advantage of them in various applications.

Engineers are trying to use nano-size wires to create smaller, more powerful microprocessors. Doctors are searching for ways to use nanoparticles in medical applications. Still, we have got a long way to go before nanotechnology dominates the technology and medical markets. Currently, scientists find two nano-size structures of particular interest: Nanowires are wires with a very small diameter, sometimes as small as I nanometer.

Scientists hope to use them to build tiny transistors for computer chips and other electronic devices. In the last couple of years, carbon nanotubes have overshadowed nanowircs. Wfe are still learning about these structures, but what we have learned so far is very exciting. One of the exciting and challenging aspects of the nanoscale is the role that quantum mechanics plays in it. The rules of quantum mechanics are very different from classical physics, which means that the behaviour of substances at the nanoscale can sometimes contradict common sense.

You cannot walk up to a wall and immediately teleport to the other genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе of it, but at the nanoscale an electron can — it is called electron tunneling. Substances that arc insulators, meaning they cannot carry an electric charge, in bulk form might become semiconductors when reduced to the nanoscale.

  • Caibon nanotubc properties depend on how you roll the sheet;
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Melting points can change due to an increase in surface area. Much of nanoscience requires that you forget what you know and start learning all over again. A carbon nanotube is a nano-size cylinder of carbon atoms. Imagine a sheet of carbon atoms, which would look like a sheet of hexagons. If you roll that. Caibon nanotubc properties depend on how you roll the sheet.

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In other words, even though all carbon nanotubes are made of carbon, they can be very different from one another based on how you align the individual atoms. With the right arrangement of atoms, you can create a carbon nanotube that is hundreds of times stronger than steel, but six times lighter. Long considered to be exclusively the product of science fiction, today some people believe replicators arc a very real possibility. TTtey call it molecular manufacturing, and if it ever does become a reality, it could drastically change the world.

The goal of molecular manufacturing is to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a pattern to produce a desired structure. Nanotechnology may have its biggest impact on the medical industry.

Patients will drink fluids containing nanorobots programmed to attack and reconstruct die molecular structure of cancer cells and viruses. There is even speculation that nanorobots could slow or reverse the ang process, and life expectancy could increase significantly. Nanorobots could also be programmed genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе perform delicate surgeries — such nanosurgeons could work at a level a thousand times more precise than the genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе scalpel.


By working on such a small scale, a nanorobot could operate without leaving the scars that conventional surgery does. NarKitechnology has the potential to Aove a positive effect on the environment. Ivr instance, scientists could program aiibome genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе to rebuild the thinning ozone layer. NancNobois could remove contamituuiis fivm water sources and clean up oil spills. Manufacturiirg materials using the bottom-up method of nanolechrralogy also creates genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе pollution than conventional manufacturing processes.

Our dependence on поп-гтениЫе resources would diminish with nanotechnology: Cutting down trees, mming coal or drilling for oil may no longer be necessary — nanomachines could produce those resources. Many nanotechrюlogy experts feel that these applications are well outside the realm of possibility, at least for the foreseeable future.

They caution that the more exotic applications are only theoretical. In spite of all these tttorvelous possibilities, nanotechnology evidently causes risks. The most immediate challenge in nanotechnology is that we need to learn more about materials and their properties at the nanoscalc.

Universities and corporations across the world are studying how atoms fit together to form larger structures. Wfe are still leanring about how quantum mechanics impact substances at the nanoscale. Because elements at the nanoscale behave differently than they do in their bulk form, there is a concern that some nanoparticles could be toxic. Closely related to the knowledge barrier is the technical barrier.

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In order for the incredible predictions regarding nanotechnology to come true, wc have to find ways to mass produce nano-size products like transistors and nanowires. While we can use nanoparticles to build things like tennis rackets and make wrinkle-free fabrics, we cannot make really complex microprocessor chips with nanowires yet. There are some hefty social concerns about nanotechnology too.

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Nanotechnology may aLso allow us to create more powerful weapons, both lethal and non-lethal. Some organizations arc concerned genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе we will only get around to examining the ethical implications of nanotechnology in weaponry after these devices are built. They urge scientists and politicians to examine carefully all the possibilities of nanotechnology before designing increasingly powerful weapons.

New products incorporating nanotechnology are coming out every day. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics, deep-penetrating cosmetics, liquid crystal displays LCDantimicrobial batulages, scratch-resistartt coadoffi — and other conveniences using nanotechnology are on the market. While this is exciting, it is only the tip of the iceberg as far as how naгюtechnology may impact us in the future. In theory, medical nanotechnology could make us smarter, stronger and give us other abilities ranging from rapid healing to night vision.

Should wc pursue such goals? Since almost every technology starts off as very expensive, would this mean we would create two races of people — a wealthy race of modified humans and a poorer population of unaltered people?

We don not have answers to these questions, but several organizations are urging nanoscientists to consider these implications now, before it becomes too late.

Not all questions involve altering the human body — some deal with the world of Гшагке and economics. Assuming we can build anything we need with the click of a genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе, what happens to all the manufacturing jobs?

If you can create anything using a replicator, what Happens to currency? Vbuld we move to a completely electronic economy? Vfould we even need money? Today may it be engineering research, or huge construction or medical science, nanotechnology and its application plays an important role in all these fields. This is the reason that worldwide more and more people are attracted towards this course.

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Most people believe that narюtechnology is the most promising field of modem technology. However, there are some who believe it is too risky. Some think of developing new types of animals. Others imagine the possibility of growing crops that are more nutritious and naturally pest — rinj to feed a rapidly growing world population.

Still others think about creating new drugs. All of these meanings are true. Biotechnology in one form or another has flourished since prehistoric times. Prehistoric people acted as bio — technologists when domesticating wild animals and cultivating plants they realized that different physical traits could be either magnified or lost by mating appropriate pairs of animals or pollinating plants, and started to breed their strong, productive plants and animals.

In fact, they used artificial selection and hybridization which are parts of biotechnology. Throughout human history, we have learned a great deal about the different organisms that our ancestors used so effectively.

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It was only in the last 250 years that scientists began figuring out about chromosomes and genes and the role they play in the way one generation passes its traits on to the next. And it has only been in the last 30 years that scientists have been able to cut out specific genes from one organism and put them in another.

It is this 30 year old genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе that is described by the narrow definition genetic modification will bring more harm than benefits эссе genetic engineering, while artificial selection or breeding is sometimes called genetic engineering in the broad sense.

Genetic engineering is a laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of living organisms. It is the human manipulation of genetic material of organisms in a way that does not occur under natural conditions. DNA is the blueprint for the individuality of an oisanism.

The organism relies upon the information stored in its DNA for managing of every biochemical process. The life, growth and unique features of the organism depend on its DNA. The segments of DNA which have been associated with specific features or functions of an organism are called genes.

Molecular biologists have discovered many enzymes which change the structure of DNA in living organisms. Some of these enzymes can cut and join strands of DNA. Genetic engineers believe they can improve the foods we eat by doing this. Genetic engineering can bring many benefits to mankind, making the whole digital revolution look nothing. The advantages of genetic engineering are really numeroas.