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Some people prefer to live in a big city while others prefer эссе

Life in the city vs life in the country Some people argue that city life is better than country life. However, the authenticity of this statement is dubious.

The interpretation of this statement maybe entirely biased depending on the individual. Not everyone is suited to the city life and not everyone has the desire to reside permanently in the countryside.

Everyone has unique differences and requirements. Therefore, the better life would have to be the lifestyle that caters for ones some people prefer to live in a big city while others prefer эссе. Life in the city may seem much easier than in the country — developed transport system, information, sports, shopping malls, etc.

And of course the question of work and money is important. In the city people have more chances to be employed, as the range of jobs is greater than in a village.

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In the village, as a rule, there are few labour places for skilled agricultural workers and less for professionals. Although villages do need teachers and physicians, they can not provide them with the necessary facilities. There are few schools and clinics in the countryside. Modern men are too sophisticated for simple country pleasures.

It seems that the more highly educated an individual is, the more likely it will be that they will be more inclined to live in the city because of higher incomes and business advantages.

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Cities offer high concentration of good things in life: Life is more convenient in a city: In the city people are more open-minded. It is possible to go out, make friends and never be cut off from them by weather conditions. Some people prefer to live in a big city while others prefer эссе, people do not mind what you do in the city. Besides in the city people have more chances to succeed.

Moreover, life is never dull in the city, people always have something to do here. The objections to city living are not convincing enough. People easily adapt to various inconveniences of city life. For example, noise and traffic are hardly noticeable to city-dwellers.

In the city especially in our country people live in apartments with central heating, telephone, gas, electricity, radio, TV the Internet. Most people love cities. In 330 BC Aristotle wrote that by nature man belonged to a city. Many people love the busy city life. It is enough for them to visit a country at week-ends. City life has certain disadvantages, which are not few.

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Pollution is the greatest disadvantage of the city life of today. Polluted air is hanging like a brown cloud over cities. Dirt and smoke are pouring from the buildings of cites and factories.

Polluted urban air causes respiratory distress, particularly in children, and elderly people. Urban garbage - like food, paper, and cans - on the ground or in the street is one more problem of cities. Cost of living is very high in the cities. In addition, people live under constant threat; life is not quiet in the cities, it causes stresses and heart decease. In the city people loose touch with land, rhythms of nature.

Everyone who cares about his health tries to move out from the city. Most people in Europe and America try to live in non-industrial cities, which are set down near big cities and can not be killed by pollution and traffic. Obviously, living in the some people prefer to live in a big city while others prefer эссе also has many advantages.

First of all, countryside is not polluted therefore you can breath there fresh air. Besides, there is hardly any road traffic thus you can enjoy silence in the country.

You can also relax and go for a nice walk in the forest or in the meadows. Another advantage of country life is the fact that it is safer than life in a metropolis. In small towns or villages, crime rate is usually very low and people do not need to be afraid of having their house broken into or of being attacked and robbed in the street.

In addition, it seems that in the country the relationship between people are more genuine as people are more friendly and open there. All things considering, it is obvious that both country and city life have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people find metropolises more exciting and appealing than small towns but others prefer beauty and tranquillity of the countryside.