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Реферат на тему shop and shopping

Сочинение I go shopping на английском с переводом

Some people love doing the shopping and they are happy if they can pick up a bargain in the sales. In big cities and even many small towns there are all kinds of shops and stores as well as supermarkets. Supermarkets are primarily food stores which реферат на тему shop and shopping all kinds of food: Practically everything a family needs can be found in a supermarket.

There the customer serves himself and pays at the cash-desk on leaving the shop.

Shopping in London - Покупки в Лондоне

Department stores carry clothing for men, women and children, china and glassware, household electric appliances, furniture and other goods. In my city we also have got a great number of shops. Most of them open at 9 a.

  • There are many different kinds of shops in every town or city;
  • There are many book shops, shoe shops, clothes shops and other kinds of shops in the Oxford street;
  • Вот краткий список различных видов магазинов.

Smaller shops normally have a lunch break. Nearly all shops are closed on Sundays. I should say that all the shops are equally popular with customers, though some of them are really expensive.

But they are not always quality shops.

Магазины и покупки

He usually shops in the supermarket, where he goes to the grocery department, the greengrocery, the meat and fish counters and buys all the stuff we need for our large family. He usually does it once a week. We can spend hours and hours dropping in at one shop after another in search of something special or unusual. I love shopping for clothes. The last shopping round I made with my friend a few days ago.

We set out midmorning and managed to go round all the shops in the city which where worth visiting. First реферат на тему shop and shopping went to the central department store but the goods there were the same as everywhere else and more expensive. The only good thing about such stores is that they normally have a good selection of cosmetics and perfumery.

  1. Today, shopping is a means of our existence and living.
  2. It is important to spend money rationally.
  3. Then we dropped in at some small shops which offer fashionable clothes and a half-price sale is a usual thing there. Здесь есть капуста, картофель, лук, огурцы, морковь, свекла, зеленый горошек и многое другое.
  4. Продавец или продавщица стоит за прилавком.

After that we had a quick look at the footwear, haberdashery and ready-made clothes and were ready for a snack at McDonalds. Then we dropped in at some small shops which offer fashionable clothes and a half-price sale is a usual thing there.

Тема Shopping по английскому языку с переводом

After making our way through the crowd each of us grabbed piles of clothes and waited in the line for the fitting rooms. Indeed, shopping is a pleasant pastime when you can afford to buy the things you like.

  • I hate trying things on in a fitting-room;
  • Moreover, shopping is the way to get necessary food and clothes;
  • В отделе косметики продаются крем для лица, нудра, помада, лосьоны и шампуни;
  • There is a great variety of online shops on the Internet and they sell all kinds of goods;
  • With the development of progress shopping began to change and now you can purchase things on the Internet;
  • Actually, there are many big and small shops in my district.

ТОПИК 2 I should say that I am one of those boys who hate shopping and the idea of doing the shopping drives me mad, though, of course, I like delicious food and nice clothes. It means somebody has to do it for you.

  1. Есть и другие отделы — стекло, электроника и посуда. Most shops have store detectives who have the job catching shoplifters.
  2. If you are queuing up at the cash-desk you need to wait for your turn.
  3. Однако доставка малого количества товаров из другой страны иногда может обойтись достаточно дорого.
  4. They sell various goods under one roof and this is very convenient.

She knows what to buy and where to buy at a cheaper price. I live in a small town, so there are not many shops here, to say nothing реферат на тему shop and shopping supermarkets. Most shops are situated in the centre of the town and there is a two-storeyed department store in the central square and it is always overcrowded. The market is opposite the department store and people, mostly women and girls, go there to shop but in my opinion they more often go to look at the things than to buy.

Essay on Shopping

I seldom go shopping, but I know where this or that thing can be bought. For example, if I want to save time, I go to the nearest food store where I can buy everything I need: I prefer this shop because the goods are ready-weighed and ready-packed.

  • Knowing the rules helps to get real bargains;
  • I like to do my shopping at big department stores and supermarkets;
  • She does the same for me.

I find it convenient and always go there if my mother forgets to buy something and I am sent for it. I also know that department stores have a lot of departments: All the things for sale are on the counters and in the shop windows so the customers can choose what they want.

As I have said I am not keen on shopping at all and when my parents ask me to buy something, I am always reluctant to do it. From time to time my mother takes me to a department store when we реферат на тему shop and shopping to buy some clothes or shoes for me.

Тема "Покупки онлайн: за и против" (Online shopping: pros and cons)

I hate trying things on in a fitting-room. Most of all I like book and music shops. I can stay there for hours leafing through pages of some historical books or going through piles of CDs or records.


But regular shopping is really boring and tiresome.